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Can All Religions Meditate?

When people try to define something they are usually bonded to a narrow view of it whether consciously or unconsciously. We think that ideas make the world we live in. We tend to see them as bad or good, right or wrong, impressive or unimpressive, significant or insignificant etc. The question here is: How do we use ideas? Even the good intentions or ideas can produce such terrible things. Our ideas are the parts of our mind. People usually tend to use their ideas by following their egos path: our idea creates this or that, we are the owner of this idea, my idea is better than your yours, you have to believe in my idea.

Some people make clear distinction between religious and spiritual practices. The others hold the view that all religions practice some forms of meditation. Also, there are ones who think that meditation has nothing to do with religions, because they are linked to a set of belief systems, ideology or dogmas. Well, who is right or wrong, here? We can be easily caught in a dualistic and normative thinking over and over again.

If we are not caught in limiting belief systems, dualisms and other words ending with ism, then our meditation is a practice that make all parts our being grow and expand with love, wisdom and compassion. We see the world as it is. With meditation we are connected to oneness, life, the source of everything. We are not an idea. We are seekers of our true nature. No one tells us what the truth is.

Our minds create labels and we are so attached to it. If we imagine how we throw away all the labels, beliefs, ideas and isms, we will feel afraid of being alone. We will be afraid that we wont be the part of the herd. But, there is the other side of the coin. When we are on our authentic journey, we are never alone. We feel the steps of all humanity on our path. We are part of it. We know what being human is. Our authentic path can inspire others on taking their own unique journey. Let an echo of the famous words of Mahatma Gandhi "be the change that you wish to see in the world" spread through all our authentic journey. In this way, we raise the vibrational level of humanity. Also, we can say it in this way: be the awareness, love, vibration and wholeness that you wish to see in the world. We dont have to name our path as religion, meditation, spirituality or something else. We purely are. We simply are. We authentically are.


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