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How Does No Win No Fee Work?

'No win no fee' is a very popular selling point for solicitors firms to use in their advertisements. On the face of it, this means that you will pay nothing at all unless your claim wins in court, which sounds like a very attractive prospect. But, how does no win no fee actually work in the UK? And, are there any hidden costs behind it? Below, you will find a handy overview of the main issues surrounding the concept and practice of 'no win no fee'.

Personal injury
This article will focus on the use of no win no fee for personal injury claims. Personal injury claims usually involve someone being injured due to an accident that was not their fault. If you were not responsible for an accident, and yet you were injured as a result of it, then you are likely to be awarded compensation by the court. This compensation is also known as 'damages'. Solicitors often offer no win no fee packages for personal injury claims because these claims tend to be low risk and straight forward if the claimant was not at fault. Personal injury claims are sorted out in the civil courts, not the criminal courts. Practically what this means is that in general people can be made to pay each other compensation in the civil courts, but these courts do not send people to prison.

How does no win no fee work?
Personal injury compensation at WINWales is a prime example of how no win no fee works. The principle behind no win no fee is pretty simple. You tell a lawyer what your issue is and, if they agree to take on the case on a 'no win no fee' basis, you do not pay them anything upfront unless they win the case for you. You and your lawyer will agree that they will be given a certain amount of the compensation that you receive if they win your case for you. This may be a percentage or (in rarer cases) it may be a lump sum.

Are there any hidden costs involved?
Lawyers can choose which personal injury claims they take on a no win no fee basis. So, they can select the cases that are most likely to win. As such, no win no fee most usually does mean precisely that: you will not pay your lawyer anything unless you win. This gives you great peace of mind - what have you got to lose by bringing your case to court? It is definitely worthwhile checking with your lawyer to ensure that there are no other hidden costs that they want you to pay (such as administrative costs) before you sign on the dotted line.

Is no win no fee for me?
No win no fee is often a very attractive prospect. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the amount of the damages that you will have to pay your no win no fee solicitor can be comparatively quite high. If you had gone down the traditional legal route, and paid a lawyer upfront to take on your case whether or not you win, then you will often end up paying less overall if you do win. In addition to this it is worth noting that a no win no fee solicitor does not necessarily protect you from having to pay court costs if you lose your case.


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