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How Men Should Work On Positive Self Image

When wealth is lost, nothing is lost, When health is lost, something is lost, When confidence is lost, you are doomed! Billy Graham

Life is, well, life, and it is full of ups and downs. A traumatic accident, a failed marriage or losing a job can leave a mans confidence at an all-time low. The situation can get further complicated when he starts slipping into a depression. It then gets very hard for him to identify his symptoms for what it is and to go seek professional help. Therefore, it is extremely important for a man to cultivate and maintain a positive state of mind so that he does not slip into depression, no matter what the circumstances. These are the things that a man must do to build positive image:

Think positive: This is the first step towards building a positive image. He must constantly remind himself that inspite of every wrong that is happening to him, he shall never give up on hope. He must think of himself as an extremely deserving person. By just doing this, he will ward away all kinds of negative thoughts and actions.

Healthy lifestyle

Get away often: Planning a vacation and executing it are great ways to soothe the nerves. When back, things look changed and he will be ready for fresh challenges in life after rejuvenation.

Dress to kill: A man should concentrate on dressing well. Even while going through bad phase it is important that it never shows. By dressing well, he gives a signal to the rest of the world that all is fine with him and that feeling rubs off on him too. Concentrate on personal hygiene: the male should never ever stay unkempt or compromise on the maintenance of personal hygiene. A daily shower, routine shave and a nice hairstyle is a sure shot way to enhance the mood.

Hobbies: The male must as a rule pursue some pleasurable activity like a hobby or some interests, for eg. Bird watching, gardening, etc.

Eat good food: Eating good food, hygienic, colorful and in variety can help build super positive image in a man. Have we not heard that a way to a mans heart is through his stomach?

Sweat it out: A man must exercise rigorously at least three days in a week and do regular physical activity. Studies show that men bond during exercises at the gym. Ensure that you workout all parts of the body to be healthy in general. Consider paying close attention to penile health. For more information on penile well-being see:

Sleep well: A good nights sleep is very important for an active and an enthusiastic day, period.

Community interaction: Nothing improves a persons self-image more than the thought that he has been of use to someone in need. He may be a part of a support team and reach out to the less privileged.


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